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The Chief architect of the growth of Grace Hopper Celebration India(GHCI), Geetha Kannan, brings to you the second edition of WITfluence. Wequity’s annual conference is built on the core principle of equity. As per UNESCO, equity means fairness of treatment for both women and men according to their respective needs. Wequity propounds that equity can be used as a means to achieve equality. WITfluence brings together the most relevant resources to showcase and elevate corporate women and organizations in technology.

At this unique confluence of women, sessions are exclusively curated by Wequity in close collaboration with pillars and role models of the community as well as select ecosystem collaborators. The purpose of each session is to provide an inspiring, revitalizing and reassuring experience where connections, learning, opportunities and actions follow. WITfluence is open to all technical women and will present an environment and content that thrives in this vital group. We hope to see you there!

The Wequity team is available to help you with any questions regarding WITfluence.

Drop a mail to janeetavk@wequity.tech for more information.


A Glimpse Of WITfluence 2023




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