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Build a stronger professional network and have meaningful conversations through exclusive experiences, communities, meetups, and an active online network.

What We Do

These service offerings collectively contribute to creating a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers women to thrive in their professional journeys while facilitating positive change within organizations and industries as a whole.


WITfluence, a confluence of women in tech where they can network, learn and grow. Missed attending WITfluence 2023?

02Inclusive Organization Award

Wequity Awards for Most Inclusive Organizations for Women in Tech recognizes organizations that are making their workplaces inclusive for women in tech in India.

03Wequity Awards

Celebrating exceptional work done by women technologists and leaders who have paved the way for holistic workplace equality in India.

04Women Leadership Program - Alchemy of Self Transformation

A transformative 2.5-day residential experience that not only delves into self-discovery but equips participants with practical tools to break free from societal conditioning, addressing challenges like imposter syndrome and mastering the art of setting boundaries.


W-conversations are designed to foster solidarity and a sense of belonging among women across India.

06Academic Outreach

Partnering with academic institutions and help prepare students in their personal and professional journey ahead

About Wequity​

Our mission is to maximize the potential of women and the organizations that employ them.

Wequity is a social impact organization dedicated to propelling women to their maximum potential by providing a transformative trifecta: skill enhancement, unparalleled networking opportunities, and the celebration of inspirational role models. We foster an ecosystem where women not only excel individually, but we also collaborate with organizations committed to their success. Join us in building a future where every woman achieves her aspirations, supported by a robust network, recognized for her achievements, and equipped with the skills to conquer new horizons.

Why Choose Wequity

We are changing today’s workplace for the better by improving the opportunities for women. We believe in a workplace where diverse voices are respected, differences are celebrated, and outcomes are created together.

What Wequity Offers

These service offerings collectively contribute to creating a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers women to thrive in their professional journeys while facilitating positive change within organizations and industries as a whole.

Networking Events and Platforms

Curated networking events, both virtual and in-person, to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations among women professionals.

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Role Model Recognition Programs

Opportunities to showcase the achievements of successful women role models within and beyond the organization through speaking opportunities through our Speaker Guild

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Corporate Partnership Programs

Recognise organizations that are the Most Inclusive for Women in tech through the Wequity Awards

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Leadership Initiatives

Specialized leadership programs aimed at preparing women for leadership roles and for maximizing the potential of existing women leaders in the organizations.

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Community Outreach and Advocacy

Initiatives to engage with the wider community through outreach programs, educational workshops, and partnerships with educational institutions.

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Research and Publications

Research projects and publications that provide insights to keep the industry informed about trends, challenges, and opportunities in the gender inclusion landscape.

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Customized Consulting Services

Strategic advice on diversity and inclusion initiatives to help companies foster a culture of equality.

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Sessions curated

500 Women Mentored

Touched lives of Women in Tech

Organizations partnered with us to move the needle for Equality through Equity

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