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About Wequity​

Wequity is a social impact organization dedicated to propelling women to their maximum potential by providing a transformative trifecta: skill enhancement, unparalleled networking opportunities, and the celebration of inspirational role models. We foster an ecosystem where women not only excel individually, but we also collaborate with organizations committed to their success. Join us in building a future where every woman achieves her aspirations, supported by a robust network, recognized for her achievements, and equipped with the skills to conquer new horizons.

Our Vision​

A world with equal representation, opportunities and participation for all.​

Our Mission

To maximize the potential of women and the organizations that employ them.

What Wequity Offers

These service offerings collectively contribute to creating a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers women to thrive in their professional journeys while facilitating positive change within organizations and industries as a whole.

01. Networking Events and Platforms

  • Annual conference for Women in Tech – WITfluence.
  • W conversations: Curated networking events, both virtual and in-person, to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations among women professionals.

02. Role Model Recognition Programs

  • Opportunities to showcase the achievements of successful women role models within and beyond the organization through speaking opportunities through our Speaker Guild.
  • Awards and accolades to acknowledge outstanding contributions through Wequity Awards

03. Corporate Partnership Programs

  • Recognise organizations that are the Most Inclusive for Women in tech through the Wequity Awards.
  • Collaborative programs with organizations to promote gender diversity and inclusivity within their workforce.

04. Leadership Initiatives

Specialized leadership programs aimed at preparing women for leadership roles and for maximizing the potential of existing women leaders in the organizations.

05. Community Outreach and Advocacy

  • Initiatives to engage with the wider community through outreach programs, educational workshops, and partnerships with educational institutions.
  • Advocacy efforts to promote gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in professional settings.

06. Research and Publications

Research projects and publications that provide insights to keep the industry informed about trends, challenges, and opportunities in the gender inclusion landscape.

07. Customized Consulting Services

Strategic advice on diversity and inclusion initiatives to help companies foster a culture of equality.


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