What will computer programming look like in the future? Will, there even be programming jobs, and what will they entail? Is there still a point to going into a computer programming career?

These questions are weighing heavily on the minds of both established programmers and newcomers to the field. Computer programming has always been an ever-changing environment. Recent technological changes and disruptions in the way we interact with computers have left some shaken. But there’s good news: the future for computer programming looks bright — even if the shape of the field will continue to evolve.

Developments like machine learning, AI, and more advanced frameworks may make it look like the traditional role of the computer programmer is dying off — but that’s simply not true. Jobs in programming and software development are still in high demand, and software development is still one of the best jobs out there, with an unemployment rate just over 1%. So whether you’re looking to get into a career in computer programming or have already established your credentials, there’s no need to worry — demand for skilled professionals isn’t going anywhere.

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