IoT and Machine Learning are getting smarter. Companies are incorporating artificial intelligence (AI)-in specific, machine learning into their IoT apps. From smart thermostats to wireless sensors, IoT devices are gradually but definitely garnering mainstream adoption. Besides, virtual assistants (like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana,) are only making this technology easy to adopt.

The core purpose behind advancement in the IoT space is to help information move between parties smoothly and seamlessly. For as much as we condemn technology, we can all recall when the right message has appeared at the right time, with perfect user experience.

The truth of IoT and artificial intelligence — specifically machine learning — is far less sinister. Besides, it’s not something of the far-off future. It’s completely simplifying and shaping the way we live, travel, work, and communicate. In reality, it’s shaping our lives smartly and the decisions we make. Though, it is even how you came across this blog.

The proliferation of smart IoT devices is shaping the future and gives instant access to the information world. Let’s have a glance at these burning IoT statistics:

  • There are about 17 billion interconnected devices in the globe as of 2018. With over 7 Billion of these IoT (internet of things) devices. (Source- IoT Analytics)
  • According to McKinsey Global Institute, each second, 127 new IoT devices connect to the net.
  • The global IoT market is expected to be worth $1.7T in 2019. (Source: CBI Insights)