Managing DevOps is a complicated and challenging process. The sheer volume of data that is generated and the dynamic nature of today’s app environments have made it increasingly difficult for DevOps teams to analyse and implement data effectively for predicting and fixing issues. The future of DevOps will be AI-powered as the data grows in volume making it impossible for humans to analyse. AI will be reshaping the way data is handled and how apps are built, deployed, and tested. Here we have discussed the six ways how AI is transforming DevOps in 2021.


1. Improved data access

Data that is free to access is often prone to inaccuracies which is a major challenge most DevOps teams face. AI can aid in the access of data that has been stored in databases for big data purposes. AI can facilitate the collection of data from diverse sources and compile it in such a way that can be used for deriving forecasts regularly.

2. Enhanced implementation

DevOps professionals work in a rule-based environment. Moving to an AI system can help boost productivity. With the help of AI, machines can be automated to perform tasks with minimal human intervention. This will free up time for professionals to focus on innovation and try out new things.

3. Faster resource management

With AI much of the tasks can be automated, especially those that are monotonous in nature. As Machine learning and AI integrate it opens a world of possibilities for DevOps. The use of AI can help faster resource management thereby streamlining the operations.


4. Improved security

These days DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is trending. Websites irrespective of size can be attacked. AI can help in dealing with such potential threats. AI algorithms can be implemented to determine unusual situations. Developers can leverage AI to boost DevSecOps.


5. Real-time alerts

There is always a requirement of a robust alert system that can help the DevOps team to detect errors in real-time. Often alerts appear abruptly highlighting only similar errors. This makes it very difficult for the DevOps team to respond. AI can enable DevOps teams in determining the most important issue depending on various factors such as the alert source, past behaviour, etc.

6. Faster prediction of failures

Any loophole in a tool or domain in DevOps can have a major impact on the speed and performance of the system. AI can help in predicting such loopholes and errors by analysing the data. By leveraging machine learning it is possible to interpret patterns and symptoms of failure. AI can predict indicators more accurately than humans and such predictions can help the team solve the problem faster.


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