Twitter went crazy last month when Musk and Dorsey mocked the idea of Web3. Few called it the future of the internet and few called it to be bogus. But do you know what exactly is Web 3.0 and how does it work? In this article, you’ll be introduced to the new dimension of the internet and how to get started in this field from a developer’s point of view.

Key Takeaways

  • Beginner-friendly Introduction to Web3 and its ecosystem
  • Is Web3 a hype or the future of the Internet?
  • Roadmap to learn Web3 technology

Web3 in Layman’s Terms

As Eshita writes briefly:

  • Web1: Read
  • Web2: Read, write
  • Web3: Read, write, own

In layman’s terms, Web3 is widely understood as the third and latest ”phase” of the Internet.

Web1 was read-only. The Internet was a bunch of connected computers. People consumed static web pages and users were only consumers.

Web2 is dynamic i.e. read and write. People create and consume content on the social platforms that we’re all familiar with. In web2, tech giants extract value from users by acting as middlemen. These values/data profit them a lot, so web 2.0 is the era of targeted advertising and lack of privacy.

Web3 is decentralized i.e. read, write, and own. People create, consume, and own their work through tokens. Web3 is built on peer-to-peer networks of computers that talk to each other without middlemen.

Is Web3 a Hype or the Future of the Internet?

You might have seen discussions on the web like: “is Web3 yet another scam?”.

It’s not hard to figure out that all of these talks revolve around some crypto which that group doesn’t like. But Web 3.0 is just using the internet integrated with crypto payments. The system itself is not a ‘ scam’. This is like calling the industrial revolution a scam because you don’t like Carnegie Steel.

We are in the very early stages of development and there are bound to be many projects with flaws. However eventually as more people adopt it the use cases start becoming the reality and that is when we will see true decentralization. You can’t be decentralized if everyone isn’t participating.

Developer Roadmap To Get Started With Web 3.0

1. Web 2.0 Skills

As a prerequisite, You should know JavaScript and web development in general. Your Web2 skills like TS/JS, React, Chakra/Material UI will give you a head start into Web3. Also, Core computer concepts (Operating systems, Networking) and problem-solving skills are fundamental and required no matter web2 or web3.

2. Learn the Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology

Blockchains are a fantastic piece of technology, but they aren’t easy to understand. You’ll have to put some time into it to understand what you will later build on.